Our Story

Our Delicious Journey at Cookiegrams

Welcome to the heartwarming tale of Cookiegrams, where every chapter is a delightful encounter with sweetness and simplicity.

Our story begins with the ambition to excite your senses through the warmth of freshly baked cookies, the thrill of a spoonful of cookie dough, the indulgence of creamy cupcakes, and the joy of handcrafted cakes. We take pride in reminding you of the beauty found in life's simplest pleasures—the richness of genuine butter, a dash of the finest vanilla extract, and the artisan-crafted allure of chocolate chunks. Each bite is a journey into a world of sweetness worth savouring.

From Coast to Coast

From the vibrant heart of Toronto to the farthest corners of Canada, Cookiegrams embarks on a journey to deliver gourmet cookies and baked goods that are not just desserts but experiences in themselves. Our creations are designed to inspire smiles, strengthen friendships, uphold traditions, and, most importantly, immortalize unforgettable moments. Whether it's a casual "just because" day or a significant milestone in life, we firmly believe that every moment deserves recognition.

Guided by Simplicity

At Cookiegrams, we live by the philosophy that every day should be touched with something special, without unnecessary complexities. Our focus is unwavering—we cherish the essence of freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies, heavenly cupcakes and fresh baked pies. All our treats are handcrafted from scratch by our skilled bakers, featuring only the finest ingredients, poised to elevate an ordinary day into a remarkable occasion. With delivery options spanning the breadth of Canada, our mission is simple yet profound: to spread happiness, one freshly baked gift at a time.

The Magic Behind Cookiegrams

Behind the scenes, our story is infused with the captivating spirit of our Owner, Karen Fleischer. Karen's lifelong fascination with the enchanting simplicity of a cookie stems from her cherished childhood memories of home-baked delights that could brighten any day. Her entrepreneurial journey, kindled by the simple pleasure of selling cookies and lemonade in her neighborhood, eventually paved the way for the creation of Cookiegrams.

But Karen's story doesn't stop here. She is not just a skilled baker; she's a passionate advocate for allergy-friendly sweets. As a dedicated mom to children with allergies, Karen's personal connection fuels her unwavering commitment to creating delicious treats that can be enjoyed without worry. Her vision for inclusivity led her to found Easy Sweets, a Wholesale Bakery known for its allergy-friendly and Kosher offerings. Karen's expertise and passion have now taken center stage as she assumes ownership of Cookiegrams, embarking on a mission to make the world of baked treats more inclusive and delicious for everyone.

Gift Boxes: Spreading Happiness, One Box at a Time

Gifting happiness is at the core of our existence, and we've made it effortlessly convenient with our thoughtfully curated gift boxes. Filled with an assortment of our finest creations, these boxes are the embodiment of perfect presents for your cherished ones. At Cookiegrams, we believe that happiness should be shared, one delightful box at a time.