Allergy Info

Understanding Food Allergies and Our Unwavering Commitment

At Cookiegrams, we recognize the profound concern that food allergies pose to individuals, both children and adults alike. It is our unwavering dedication to crafting a safe and delightful experience for everyone, with a special emphasis on those navigating food allergies.

The Significance of Allergy Friendly Production

Our pledge to allergen safety commences within the walls of our production facilities. We take immense pride in being a haven free from peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds. From the moment our carefully selected ingredients enter our state-of-the-art kitchens to the instant our delectable creations reach your doorstep, we meticulously ensure there is no possibility of cross contamination with these allergens.

Our Proud Kosher Certification

In addition to our commitment to allergy consciousness, we proudly boast a Kosher certification. This additional layer of assurance caters to those adhering to Kosher dietary guidelines, ensuring that our products consistently meet the most rigorous standards of quality and purity.

Delight in Gluten Free Offerings

We understand that food allergies come in diverse forms, which is why we have curated a wide array of offerings, including delectable gluten free options. These treats are meticulously prepared in a dedicated kitchen exclusively allocated to gluten free baking. Our stringent protocols and meticulous attention to detail guarantee that cross contamination remains a non-issue, allowing you to indulge in our gluten free delights with utmost confidence.

Our Unyielding Commitment to Safety and Excellence

Our commitment to allergen safety extends beyond mere compliance—it's about surpassing established norms. We source our ingredients with utmost care from trusted suppliers, ensuring they consistently meet the health, dietary, and allergy requirements of our cherished customers.

A Voice for Food Allergy Awareness

We passionately believe in the importance of raising awareness about food allergies. In Canada, where approximately 2.6 million individuals grapple with food allergies, this issue is especially prevalent among children. We proactively engage in campaigns throughout the year, contributing our efforts to bolster awareness. We stand at the forefront of new discoveries, seeking solutions for those living with food allergies. Our active involvement underscores our commitment to making a tangible difference in this realm.

Your Well Being, Our Supreme Priority

At Cookiegrams, your safety takes precedence above all else. We aspire to make your indulgence in our scrumptious desserts a worry free experience. Be it a severe allergy or a preference for allergen free options, rest assured that we have taken every measure to safeguard your well being. Our allergy friendly environment and stringent food handling practices guarantee that you can savour our delectable treats with absolute peace of mind.

We Are More Than Just a Bakery—We Are Your Sweet Haven

Cookiegrams stands as a testament to inclusivity and delight. We are the place where every individual can find a delectable treat to relish, regardless of dietary restrictions. Join us in celebrating the joy of savouring allergy friendly desserts and let us sweeten your moments, one delectable bite at a time.